Big G (and Me) on the “Trylove” Podcast

Back in 2011 I started volunteering at the Trylon Cinema in Minneapolis, a cool revival house that every movie lover in the Twin Cities should visit. Last month the Trylon did a retrospective on the career of Ishiro Honda, who directed most of the Godzilla films made between 1954 – 1975 — often referred to as the Showa era of kaiju films.

Honda was a master craftsman of the kaiju genre, and deserves enormous credit for the care and intelligence he brought to each project. I was thrilled to see so many of these movies on the big screen, as I had grown up in the era of broadcast TV, when movies like this weren’t available on home video. Kudos to the Trylon’s programmer John Moret for curating this amazing series.

John introduced me to the guys who run the podcast Trylove, which talks specifically about the movies that ran at the Trylon Cinema. In a way, Trylove is very similar to the Horror Incorporated Project, which looks at specific movies curated within a specific venue.

The Trylove crew invited me as a guest on their show, and I had a blast talking about Big G, particularly in relation to Ishiro Honda’s last Godzilla outing The Terror of Mechagodzilla.

You can listen to the episode here. In the meantime, I’ve added to Trylove podcast to the Horror Incorporated Project blogroll.

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