About the Project

This site is an homage, of sorts, to the fondly remembered TV show Horror Incorporated, a late-night creature-feature that was broadcast on KSTP-TV in Saint Paul – Minneapolis throughout the 1970s.

The goal of the Horror Incorporated Project is simple: to natter on about each movie featured on the show until a) the movies run out; b) you get sick of reading about them; or c) I get sick of writing about them. Whichever comes first.

The Project is meant as a peaceful, non-remunerative endeavor and is for entertainment purposes only. Your faithful proprieter Uncle Mike takes full responsibility for any errors in fact that will inevitably creep into the narrative.

LEGALISTIC SOUNDING JIBBER-JABBER: I have no official connection with Horror Incorporated, or with its copyright holder, Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. Any images, logos, quotes or video from the program are understood to fall under the fair use provisions of copyright law.

Uncle Mike is delighted to hear what you think about the site. Send him an email


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