Horror Incorporated: “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”

I have a little Halloween treat for you. From July 7, 2001, here is an episode of the 21st-century reboot of Horror Incorporated. Jake Esau is dressed to the nines as Count Dracula, and he presents the delightful 1962 opus “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”. The original ads and promos are included.

I transferred the show from VHS to .avi myself, and quickly discovered how much I don’t know about video. There is an alarming amount of jitter in the picture which I was unable to remove.

The problem was not evident in viewing the original VHS tape on a standard TV. Nevertheless it is possible — likely, even — that the jitter is caused by imperfections in the aging source tape. I might be able to mitigate that with more sophisticated hardware — and when I have it handy, I will upload a better quality video.

In the meantime, journey with me back to July of 2001, when Jake Esau haunted the airwaves as The Count!


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