Hammer Horror – At the Cemetery!


A few months ago I mentioned to my friend John Moret, programmer at the Trylon Microcinema, that a Hammer horror series would be a smashing success. I sure hope I was right, because John took me up on the idea, putting together a great outdoor series at, and as a benefit for, the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery in Minneapolis.

First up on Saturday, August 20, it’s THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, in which young Victor Frankenstein defies the laws of God and man in order to build a god-like being. But the experiment doesn’t go quite as expected and he instead unleashes a dreadful monster on the countryside. Hammer’s first gothic horror outing stars Peter Cushing, Hazel Court and Christopher Lee as the creature.

Then on Saturday, September 3rd, it’s THE MUMMY, with Peter Cushing as a British archaeologist whose luckless family entered the forbidden tomb of Egyptian queen Ananka, unleashing the curse of her servant Kharis. Christopher Lee also stars as the World’s Tallest Mummy. It’s great fun.

The series concludes on Saturday, September 17 with THE HORROR OF DRACULA, a ripping yarn that features Christopher Lee’s first outing as the toothsome Transylvanian.

If you have already seen these early Hammer efforts, you know how good they are. If you haven’t — well, I asked my friend Kate Bush to put together a short video extolling their virtues, and she kindly agreed:

Take-Up Productions is staging all three films. Gates open at 7:00 pm and the movies start at dusk. Tickets are $10.00 — you can buy advance tickets here — and food trucks will be on site.

I’ll be there — and I’ll keep an eye out for you.


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