Interlude: All-Star Video

You may have noticed the presence of All-Star Video in the blogroll. In case you haven’t checked it out, All-Star Video is a site run by John Moret, who like me is a volunteer at the Trylon Microcinema in Minneapolis.  John writes about movies with the manic enthusiasm of a motorcycle stunt driver, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of obscure horror titles from the 70s and 80s (I believe my first extended conversation with him was about the horror opus Devil Times Five.)  He also has a podcast that stands in part as a kind of oral history project, talking to people who do interesting film-related stuff: not just  filmmakers, but exhibitors, programmers and writers. 

John’s too young to remember Horror Incorporated, but he’s a faithful reader of the blog.  Recently he asked me to sit down with him and record an interview about the Horror Incorporated Project, TV in the 1970s,  the future of curated content, how to get fired from your job in a home video store, and some other crazy stuff.  It was really a kick for me to do it, especially since he’s  previously interviewed some very interesting people, such as the Heights Theater’s Tom Letness, Trash Film Debauchery’s founder Theresa Kay and the Trylon’s shihan Barry Kryshka.  You can hear the interview at the All-Star Video site.

John’s also a film exhibitor, and he has an inspired event coming up on Wednesday, October 2: the Spanish-language Dracula will be shown at (and as a benefit for)  the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery in Minneapolis (the one at the corner of Lake and Cedar).  Tickets are $5 and you can find out more here.

John’s screening will also kick off Take-Up Production’s Universal Horror series in October, which features a number of titles I’ve written about on this site.


  1. Well, don't say I didn't warn you. The nadir of the movie is probably the moment where the Ape Man escapes — he climbs up to a high basement window and wriggles out to freedom. Thankfully, the print is so muddy that it's impossible to tell if what we're seeing under the Ape Man's animal skins are his underpants or his….

    Anyway, I'm glad there was never a digital restoration of this movie. I really don't want to know.


  2. RETURN OF THE APE MAN- Some people's brains would never be missed! When asked why he strangled his wife: “I didn't mean to.” We know better when he carries off his luscious niece (Teala Loring)!


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