Interlude: Science Fiction Double Feature

Hey you!

Let’s say you live in the Twin Cities area and you’re looking for a bit of good clean fun this weekend.  Howsabout a 3-D double feature?

The Trylon Microcinema in Minneapolis is showing It Came From Outer Space and Creature From the Black Lagoon on a double bill.  Horror Incorporated introduced me to both of these films, and I’ve always loved them.  Believe me, there is nothing like seeing them on the big screen.

The films are running Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 18, 19 and 20) starting at 7:00.  I’ll be there for every show.  Tell ’em Uncle Mike sent you.



  1. Pittsburgh's CHILLER THEATER began airing the SHOCK! titles (1931-1946) in 1965, but the 50s Universal output had to wait until 1973. Such was Bill Cardille's admiration for Richard Carlson, whom he'd met in 1961, that he showed IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (preceded by THE WOLF MAN) on the very last show on December 31 1983 (it was the only double feature since December 23 1978).


  2. The 50s Universal stuff came relatively late to Horror Incorporated as well, but those films proved to be a great addition. Richard Carlson hailed from Albert Lea, Minnesota, though even here he isn't well remembered except for genre fans. IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE was probably his best starring role (CREATURE was better known, but he had to compete for screen time with Richard Denning and Julia Adams, not to mention the creature itself.


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